Say Goodbye to Man Boobs

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Published: 06th January 2011
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People affected by gynecomastia or man boobs are more than likely embarrassed by it, and want dearly to rid themselves of this issue. Most often having man boobs is brought on by puberty. Hormones changing in your body can cause you to grow man boobs. A lot of the time this condition just goes away on its own after awhile, unfortunately for some it does not.

So you have too much of the female hormone estrogen and not enough of the male hormone testosterone. This can come down to you having female physical attributes like man boobs. Steroids, obesity, genetic disorders, prescription medicines, aging, etc. are other reasons for this.

There are actually different forms of gynecomastia. Sometimes puffiness occurs in the areola, other times tissues in the gland increase, and in some strange cases only one breast is enlarged. An awful lot of steroid users, such as bodybuilders, grow man boobs as well. You can have these breasts removed surgically, but its so expensive, not everyone can afford it.

You can be rid of those man breasts just by doing certain exercises. Typically, man boobs are fat deposits that can be eliminated by shedding pounds and maintaining a thinner, more lean body. A good place to begin is by doing some simple exercises, you know going for a walk, jogging, running, bicycling, going for a swim and so on. You could also weight train, do pushups, do crunches etc. Exercises such as this get rid of fat located under our skin. So yeah, doing a work out regime leads you to losing body fat from all areas, including the breasts.

The main muscle in a persons chest are the pecks. Consider how often the majority of us use these muscles. Some things such as swimming and using a cross trainer specifically target these muscles as well, so if our aim is to lose man boobs, we have to focus on such exercises.

We have to work our pectoral muscles, in order to lose man boobs. Lifting weights prevents man boobs from sagging. Although, you must not lift heavy weights more than twice a week, because the muscles also require rest. Consulting a trainer about the correct weights you should be using is highly recommended, or else your pectorals will just keep on getting larger. You’re going to want to work out your entire chest, and not just the middle portion

A very easy exercise includes dumbbell press, bench press with barbell, chest extensions, and chest flyes. Working out the upper, middle, and lower chest will give you a complete look. A hard chest on a man is considered very attractive. Correctly exercise and you too could have that look.

Also, burning calories is easier and faster when you improve your diet. Lose your man boobs the healthy way and feel great about the way you look.

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